Upcoming activities

The global evidence summit 2024, September 10-13 in Prague The Global Evidence Summit 2024

Cochrane Sweden
Cochrane Sweden organizes a Course on Cochrane and GRADE, Lund, 27-31 May 2024

Cochrane Sweden organizes a Course on Cochrane and GRADE, Lund, 18-22 November 2024

Past activities

G-I-N Nordic regional meeting and seminar in Helsinki April 24th–25th, 2024

The G-I-N Nordic regional meeting and seminar will be held on 24th–25th April 2024 in Helsinki. The event is free of charge but requires pre-registration (opens in January 2024). The theme of the seminar will be Money, resources and guidelines. The seminar theme will include presentations and discussion on the following topics:

• Guidelines and health care resources

• Including economic information into guidelines

• Consensus methods

• International collaboration

The meeting will be held in the center of Helsinki or close to the center. Further information and detailed programme will be available in the end of January 2024. Please contact if you have any questions.

GWG (GRADE Working Group) meeting: 1-2 May 2024, in Miami
Save the date! More info will be available in early 2024.

  • Workshop on Cochrane and GRADE, Linköping, 17-19 April 2024
  • Course on Cochrane and GRADE, Lund, 20-24 November 2023
  • Workshop an Adolopment and Evidence-to-decision framework, Lund, 7-8 November 2023
  • Course on Cochrane and GRADE, Lund, 17-21 April 2023

Cochrane Sweden organized:

Cochrane Colloquium in London from 4th to 6th September 2023

At the 2023 Cochrane Colloquium, many Scandinavian delegates join the meeting held by the Scandinavian GRADE Network. See photo at this link.

GRADE-CERQual workshop 28 June 2023

The GRADE-CERQual co-ordinating team facilitated a one-day in-person workshop on 28 June 2023 at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The objective of this workshop was to introduce the GRADE-CERQual (Confidence in the Evidence from Reviews of Qualitative research) approach to assess confidence in evidence from reviews of qualitative research. We also introduced the GRADE-CERQual Interactive Summary of Qualitative Findings table (ISoQ).

Launch of the Scandinavian GRADE Network 13 October 2022

This event took in place in Lund, with the support of Cochrane Sweden. See photo at this link.

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